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Sanderella Cleaning is a Professional Janitorial Service providing complete Commercial Cleaning & Residential Cleaning, specializing in the career person’s home–giving them peace of mind and the time to enjoy the essential things in life.

Sanderella Cleaning is built on trust, dedication, and appreciation for all who choose to do business with us. Our employees are interviewed, screened, and professionally trained. These bonded and experienced staff members come to the company with years of experience; their honesty and dependability are commendable, and they are our greatest asset.

Sandra Bachmann

My name is Sandra Bachmann, owner of Sanderella Cleaning. I started cleaning offices in 1987 at Imperial Oil Nanticoke Refinery and began Sanderella in 1996. Discover Sanderella’s attention to detail and competitive pricing–I will always personally guarantee you 100% satisfaction.

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What Our Employees Have To Say

At Sanderella Cleaning, our employees are our greatest asset. See what they have to say below. If you are looking for rewarding part-time or full-time employment in a positive environment at a professional company, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • “I have been working for Sanderella since July 2007 and am very happy and content here. I have worked in retail and restaurants and have never been treated as well as I have been with Sanderella. Sandra is very understanding and I have never had an issue.”
    Susan M.

  • “I find working at Sanderella Cleaning a very rewarding experience. Sandra is knowledgeable in her business and passes this on to her employees. I highly recommend her company to anyone looking for her service.”
    Yohanna T. (since May 2020)

  • “I enjoy my job at Sanderella Cleaning and enjoy exceeding the customers expectations.”
    Darlene D. (since 2018)

  • “I have been the office manager here at Sanderella Cleaning since 2015. It’s nice to have a boss that appreciates the work I do and who thanks me at the end of each and every day. It’s more than a job. It’s a small family working together. Great coworkers, boss and amazing clients.”
    Nancy D.

  • “I have worked for this exceptional company since 2009. I find the owner to be one of the easiest ladies I have ever worked for. We are supplied with all the cleaning supplies required to complete our job. At this time of surreal life that we are in, all PPE is given to us with proper instructions of wearing and disposing. If you are looking for a part time job or full time please contact Sandra to see what she has to offer. You won’t be disappointed.”
    Cathy S.

  • “I have been employed with Sanderella Cleaning since November 2018. It’s one of the best companies I’ve worked for with a friendly, professional and understanding staff. There’s a variety of work to keep you busy and employed. Cleaning tools are always supplied to make the job easier.”
    Josie D.

  • “I have been employed with Sanderella since 2013 and I am still enjoying my job in 2020. Although I have been employed with my previous employer for 39 years, I find working for Sanderella during retirement has given me a great opportunity to stay active, enjoy wonderful clients and at the same time work for a very organized and supportive company.”
    Linda L.

  • “For me, working for Sanderella has been very rewarding. Sandra offers as many or as few hours as I want and lots of variety of assignments. There is never an issue getting supplies, assistance or solutions to issues that arise. The clients are wonderful and Sandra is a real pro.”
    Nancy R. (since 2017)

  • “I thoroughly enjoy working for Sanderella Cleaning. Sandra is very accommodating and flexible when it comes to work/life balance… also compassionate, respectful and appreciative of the hard work her employees put forth and is sure to let them know it while also using positive encouragement when necessary. The way she trains and cleans shows how much she actually cares about the quality of service… Office manager Nancy is amazing keeping things running smooth, our schedules organized and the clients happy. I am proud to be a Sanderella Cleaner.”
    Alissa L. (since 2019)

  • “Working for Sanderella has been a pleasure. We are treated with respect, nice pay and are very accommodating to our needs.”
    Judy M. (since 2018)

  • “Working for Sanderella has been a great experience. The hours are flexible and the support is always there when needed.”
    Anna G. (since 2012)

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